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Dad’s Lessons

This is a post celebrating a certain Dad. I’ve realised as you both get older, their ability to share wisdom, smothered in love, becomes paramount and so I wanted to share my top three life lessons, this wonderful man has taught me:

  1. Face into the hard stuff: He used to always take me aside after any challenging meeting and congratulate me on my ability to face into fear. I’d remind him, that his coaching prior (which is less a lovely chat and shoulder rubbing, but more a 10 word exchange on the bloody things that had to get done) was why I’d learnt this skill. He used to ask me what choice I had, if not to just get through this hard time, conversation or issue? I no longer hide under any carpet, ever.

  2. Follow your gut / cut to the chase: I’d find myself waffling on, explaining feelings, circumstances, reasons and he’d be a brilliant listener, but then, he’d just cut to the chase and say exactly what was on the tin of my 1000 words. At times it was highly frustrating, but as I’ve aged, I see the utter beauty in it. I now do exactly the same, more often than not. Saying it ‘how it is’, saves so much time, money and heartache. It causes action and progression.

  3. Work fucking hard: Not that he’d quite put it like this (!), but he’s taught me my work ethic. His father worked into his 80’s and he’s working into his 70’s. Just recently he’s been accepted into Oxford Uni and can’t wait to get started. He knew hard work ALWAYS pays off and so he’d tell me to quit moaning and crack on. We’ve grown even closer in the last few years, as my career changed and bonded on now our appreciation, on how much work defines us. We don’t have hobbies, we have our work, which is our passion in life.

This post is dedicated to the man I’ve been influenced by so much (note the above picture of me at 5, trying to be just like him on a Sunday morning) and as a daughter, and business woman, I can’t thank him enough for his soulful mentoring throughout my life.

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