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Dear Me

Dear Holly, You’re a few years into creating your own business and boy, it’s not been easy, has it? I know how long you’ve wanted this. Remember building all those mystical and magical businesses – travel agents at the bottom of the stairs, beauty parlour when on holiday, school tuck shop, Your Local Fair etc. Business after business you’d dream up – so I know how much this means.
I thought I’d drop you a line because its #internationalwomensday2020 and so I’m thinking lots about what we’ve ended up building and what we’ve gone through. I know it’s been immensely hard work to start NOTHS and so many tears of guilt. We’ve wanted Harry since we were tiny and now you’re ruining it. But no, you’re not fucking him up! Guess what, instead, you’ve made him so strong, inspired and you’ve become his beacon! Can you imagine? Everything you’re building and continue to build will change his life for the better. So please, if you can, put away the guilt as you need to preserve your energy – believe me!
You think you’re invincible and that’s the nuclear energy that will drive the business to be what it is today. Holly, you’ve built something that will do so much good, more than even you can believe. But their’s sexism and prejudice towards you – know this. I need you to not trust all you trust, as you’ll be seen as a ‘silly’ woman in the future and it’s going to alter everything. Know there’s invisible bias and you need to tread carefully. You’re just at the start of your business journey and I burst with pride, but take off the blazers and heels. These things aren’t going to be good for you. Be who you are, the person who had this powerful vision. Stop trying to conform. And guess what, you’re never found out! In turns out, you did know what you were talking about. Unfortunately, some don’t listen, but that wasn’t because you weren’t right, whatever they tell you.
You’re 32 and I’m 42 and I promise you, I sit here typing as the fullest most creative self I’ve ever been, even more than that whole Alisa Morisset stage! So stand up for yourself, be a proud woman and know, I/you have your back. You make it. Be brave and the Holly Hurricane you were always meant to be. Love Me X

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