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It’s one of those things that seems simple and yet we find it so hard. It’s totally normal, nearly all feel it and have to learn it and so you don’t have two heads after all! This is why you find it hard, believing you don’t have enough time to actually delegate; fear of losing control; fear of not gaining ’the credit’; fear of losing the jobs you really enjoy; thinking that you can do it better; and lack of confidence in those you’re delegating to.

You’ve got to overcome your anxiety of giving others responsibilities if you’re to become successful and sustain you. Commit yourself to starting to tackle this issue today. Lighten your pressures and increase confidence in those you trust.

  1. Not feeling like you have enough time is paradoxical, because one of the main benefits of delegation is saving time. It’s not good spending time doing things that others can. Spend that new time creating the future. No one else can do that job! You’re unique remember that.

  2. Losing control – not really. If you communicate with those you’ve delegated to frequently, checking progress, it will decrease your fear and give sense of control. Try a morn and avo meeting for the first week and then see if it can be reduced to once a day and so on.

  3. Credit. We all have an ego. We don’t speak about that much… but it’s natural. It’s true though what they say “the better your team looks, the better you look.” Remember that inner voice!

  4. Your team is more capable than you think. Apparently, we only use 10% of our brains, so think similarly when it comes to your team. You’ll be so surprised what they’re capable of if you give them a chance and trust them. You’ll build their respect in you and enhance their self esteem. Win, win.

Ultimately, however much you try to avoid it, or do it once and then go back to doing it yourself, you have to tackle this. Yes, people might trip, not do it as well as you’d have hoped, but it’s like a muscle, you need to keep flexing and they need to keep training.

Those who keep going win and boy there is a huge prize that changes your life once you’ve won! Don’t forget… you can always give them this mug. Joke!

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