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Digital Mums – #CleanUpTheFWord

I’m incredibly proud to be an ambassador for Digital Mums and their #WorkThatWorks campaign, and I’m delighted that they’re continuing to make real, positive changes for working parents with their next one, #CleanUpTheFWord. This exists to tackle the stigma around flexible working – something very close to my heart.

I started when Harry was just three months old, so my workload had to exist around my life and circumstances. Luckily for me, I was able to be successful whilst working relatively flexibly, and I’m now able to offer similar setups for my team at Holly & Co. I have no doubt that they’re happier and more productive, because they can take the time out from the working week to be with their children, run errands, or just have a day to themselves (!). I strongly believe in finding talent and then trying to make ‘the role’ work for that perfect person.

A recent survey conducted by @digitalmums supports my view; despite 68% of UK employees still not having access to flexible working, 61% of them said they’d be more productive if they could work flexibly.

This way of working benefits both parties; a happier team means a happier workplace, which improves productivity and creates more profitable businesses. Not forgetting the fact that a happy and productive team is a more loyal one; over two-thirds of people asked in the same survey, said they would be more loyal to a business if they could work flexibly.

So, what stops people asking their employers to be more adaptable? Why is flexible working still seen as a dirty word? Work should ‘work’ within all of our lives, and we shouldn’t be afraid of trying to find that crucial balance.

It would be naive to think that all roles could operate within these parameters, but any business that can support this type of working arrangement, should. There should be targets in place to help incentivise businesses to meet a quota of roles that support flexible working, and I hope it’s something we see more of in the near future. What do you guys think? 

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