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Ditching the heels

I’ve written about ‘ditching the heels’ a few times in the past, and in the last few years, it’s a subject that keeps popping up all over the headlines. 

I mentioned my wardrobe yesterday and I think it’s important that we realise that what we wear is important in how we feel. Hence I do touch on the topic quite often.

I think back to my entire career and it was mostly uncomfortable – in heels. From an 18 year old in advertising, to the corridors within Conde Nast and a decade in the various offices of NOTHS. I think back to the long journey and the huge ups and downs, while asking myself why on earth I wasn’t wearing mountaineering boots, let alone the latest pair of LK Bennett’s. I know some women love wearing heels and that they find them quite empowering, helping them to channel their inner Beyonce as they step into the office, but that wasn’t me.

I can’t help but think that sometimes we accidentally find ourselves fitting into the stereotypical uniform that society has created for women in business, at all levels. The higher you climb, the higher the heel. Thinking back, I lost myself to others. I conformed to this picture of what I was expected to be, but I wasn’t able to break free and liberate myself out of these uncomfortable shoes, back to who I really was.

So, two years ago, I said no more. I ditched the heels for good, and I’ve never looked back! I now own ten (more like 30!) pairs of glitter trainers, which carry me on this epic, sparkly journey I’m on. These are the shoes that set me free; they remind me to be Holly, and leave a trail of glitter wherever I go. (Not literally though – I’m not sure Richmond Council would approve!)



  1. Anna Berkeley

    I enjoyed reading this, Holly. Finding your own style takes time and comfort is absolutely vital when running a business,or indeed, doing anything at all! Clothes can give you the armour you need to feel strong. And heels do not have to be part of that. Honing a signature look such as your sparkly trainers is such a good way of saying ‘this is me’. My signatures are huge rings and slip on trainers! X

  2. Holly Tucker

    Hi Anna, Thanks for your comment. I couldn't agree more, clothes truly are our armour aren't they? My trainers are definitely my signature. I'm also a big fan of huge rings! Love, Holly X

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