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Do Good Today

I was chatting to someone in the shop yesterday who asked me for help in what they could do in their business, to be better. It was such an interesting chat because it’s such a BIG area that you’d not be the first to just turn your back on the whole thing.

So, we worked it through and realised, that if you can just do something small, medium and large then that’s such a good start. For Holly & Co our small was banning sticky notes, the medium was around caring for the team and giving them all another day off at Christmas ‘on the house’ thanks to the long hours’ everyone puts in and promoting someone from within. And our big was starting and continuing the B-Corp journey.

Here are some ideas, all shapes and sizes that might be the switch you need, to bring ‘better’ into your businesses:
– For the environment: Provide filtered water, get rid of all plastic bottles in the workplace. Change all lightbulbs to LED. Turn off all computers at night and don’t leave them on standby. Large recycling bins. Overhaul your packaging so it’s not damaging.
– For your team: Provide 1 training course per person. Bring ‘charity’ or a community cause into the office. Schedule away days or get-togethers. Create a ‘family day’ where all kids can come in for the day and help mum or dad. Create a policy to give someone who might not be a perfect candidate ‘a chance’ once a year.
– For your suppliers: Promote them through social media channels. Commit to their payment schedule and even try and pay early. Look at how your business is supplied, could you give opportunities to suppliers who need more exposure or a start-up? Have you made a conscious effort to look at diversity when picking new suppliers? Make the time to meet all suppliers face to face, that can be through technology.

The thing is, the world and people, really need business to start doing good. It makes your business interesting, attractive to future employees, could gain you new suppliers and it might just start to open doors. Doors that bring opportunity and interesting people and things to your precious business. Why not think about what you might implement on Monday, today!

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