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Do More of what Makes you Happy - Mini Stitch Kit from Make & Mend

What Makes You Happy?

“Do more of what makes you happy” – thanks, Holly! What is that meant to mean!? Well – exactly that. You see life was never designed to be complex, we’ve made it that way and by designing this existence, the thought of ‘doing what makes you happy’ can be right at the bottom of that ever-growing to-do list.

You could be reading this as a small business owner, who started building a company that was by its very nature meant to make you happy, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t anymore. Or you don’t have your own business but you find yourself not as fulfilled as you should be.

From what I’ve personally experienced and seen, it boils down to 4 reasons we belittle our own happiness. 1. You don’t have time to make this a priority. There are far more important things. How crazy is that? You don’t have time to energise the only person who can make you truly happy – yourself? 2. You can’t do it. You have a belief that you’ll fail. Don’t we all? But have you ever asked yourself, what is the worst that can happen? And looking that straight in the eyes and got comfortable with it? 3. You’re afraid of what others will think. You care about people’s perception and you don’t want to look foolish. I get it, but I also just think ‘FUCK THAT’ because they’re not looking! There aren’t 100’s of pairs of eyes on you and guess what the MAJORITY of people are really nice. 4. You think you’ll live forever. That putting ‘it’ off. isn’t such a bad thing to do. It is though! We have no idea, how long we have and you know what I’m going to say – we need to live every single day as if it’s a gift. What about giving yourself the gift of happiness?

2020 seems to be quite a magical year, I can feel it. I’ve promised myself to make time to be happier if that is even possible. Have you made the same commitment to yourself? You should. Because there’s no time to waste, and your happiness is only something you can create. Go grab some of that good stuff, just for yourself X

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