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‘Don’t be an arse, shop small!’

If you haven’t of gathered, I’m in my element trying to help drum up as much noise about small businesses – The Independents as possible…

Think about the way it was, in years gone by, and how much the economy, community and people’s every need were taken care of by small businesses. How they were literally the backbone of the country In the past most small businesses were in physical shops and less ‘kitchen table’ – they provided the glue to how people lived and went through hard times. At this time of year, I think  about the film ‘Wonderful Life’ and how each shop was brought to life by the characters knowing every single customer. How wonderful it makes you feel, when someone online or in a shop says ‘Hi Holly – so nice to see you again’. The past shouldn’t be ignored, we should evolve but we must keep hold of what was dear, special and human.

I asked dear and talented @realhackneydave who I will be writing about in the next post, to help my campaign. After having created the poster ‘Make Tea, Not War’ which hangs in the V&A for the protests in 2003 against the war with Iraq – I am utterly honoured he made these for our community. Artwork that he’s donated and you can find in our Google Drive (link in Bio) where you can print and stick to your heart’s content. Look how amazing these look as circular placards! Please share away and help us – we need you! ‘DON’T BE AN ARSE, SHOP SMALL!!’

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