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Don’t Stop Dreaming

I’ve been thinking lately about the things we do as children and then we start to stop, as we mature. Creativity, singing, dancing, consciously learning and daydreaming. It’s a crying shame that any of these things start to dwindle, but some are easier to ignite back up than others. And daydreaming is something that’s utterly crucial for those who are building their dreams.  The moment where you can take a second out and start to consciously explore different ways of being. Where you can design and redesign your life, your work and your choices. It’s a sort of bridge between what you imagine and what you create. And for me, it’s an imperative way of building my business. Taking a second out to ‘go there’ with the craziest thoughts and then ‘play it out’. You see, daydreaming is very different from nighttime dreams – as you’re in control.
Today I encourage anyone reading this to use daydreaming as a technique to see the future and design the route you want to travel.  It allows you to be so creative and make mistakes. It gives your imagination permission to be as colourful and bold as you can dream up. Remember creativity is the imagination actualised! So get daydreaming, get the imagination running full pelt and enjoy the experience….it’s a free tool and is the most enlighten.

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