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Download the Artwork: Campaign Shop Independent

Throughout this campaign, we’ll be sharing so many pieces of incredible artwork, created by talented small businesses, artists, illustrators, screen printers, designers and, well, geniuses! We hope to have many more to share, winging their way to our campaign HQ! 

I am so thrilled to launch the collection of artwork created especially for our campaign to you all – for free! The most amazing ‘campaigners’ have so kindly dreamt up the most beautiful pieces of artwork, for you to use as you wish, to support this movement. So please join our mission to support your fellow small business. I ask you to pledge your commitment to this movement of small businesses, who need your support now, more than ever.

Why not take to the streets in your local community and raise awareness of how important it is to ‘shop small’. There can just be a few of you, but that image and sharing your energy on social media can change everything. Or you might want to hang them in your shop or office – you decide how to use these wonderful creations, all I ask is that you tag us in and share, share, share!

Thank you to:

Rob Ryan, Survival Techniques, Rebecca Strickson, Dave Buonaguidi, Oli Fowler, Veronica Dearly, Alice Gabb, Nicola Rowlands, Lucy Loves, Charlotte Farmer and Lola Hoad.

Download our artwork pack of AMAZING designs as part of the #campaignshopindependent, ensure that you tag us @hollytucker and follow our campaign artwork guidelines below.

The Important Stuff

The artwork supplied is not to be modified, cropped or edited in any way, and is only to be used for the Shop Independent Campaign to promote shopping at local, independent, small businesses. The artwork may not be sold in any form without prior consent and a new agreement. If you have any questions, please contact

Today I ask you to spread the message far and wide. Asking others to do the same, not forgetting #campaignshopindependent – I pledge to shop small. How about you?