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Are you a Dreamer?

How have we got nearly 20 days into Jan!? Jan for us and I hope for you, from now on, will be the ‘dream/plan’ month. The month of pushing ourselves out of any comfort zone and then planning like ninjas to make that a reality. But, in order for this year’s plans to make any sense, you needed to have hit the dream ball out of the park first! What your story will be. What is the vision that will turn into your legacy? I’ve never ‘outed’ what mine are in their entire stratospheric glory, but so you know it’s okay to dream big, here are mine:

1. Build A Business Doing What You Love – I want to help anyone with a dream or those who have taken the ‘small business’ journey feel inspired to start or keep going. Create a world/landscape of amazing and fabulousness keeping this journey a positive and supported one.

2. Support Small And Vote With Your Money – I want to cheerlead this community and raise the most awareness of the importance of consumers shopping small. Be it supporting our high streets and thus communities that are in decline and getting the only antidote back on them – small businesses. But generally ‘shopping small’ and raising awareness of consciously consuming.

3. The Era Of Female Founders – We’re in ‘A Golden Age for women entrepreneurs’ and being female, I want to use my experience, my business, this community to help more women start businesses doing what they love. Get RID of the imposter syndrome and build, create and envision the way it should be and beat the drum of possibility.

4. Kid-preneurs – In a world that’s changing. Knowing that all kids in the future will have to be their own boss at some point – they need to learn who they are and what their dreams are. An antidote of sorts that could help mental health and this world of bums, lips and fakeness being celebrated! I plan to change the education system to support entrepreneurialism.

Okay, now that I’ve shared – what are your dreams that are too big for your business boots?!

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