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Dyslexia Awareness Month

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. For anyone who deals with dyslexia in their lives, you know first hand how hard it can be. Very simple acts become tough and cultivate into the erosion of one’s confidence. I thought back to my first job, in advertising, where just the simplest of jobs (reviewing a TV script and rewriting some line etc) became a nightmare. My boss at the time would mark all my work in red scribbles 〰️where 1 or 2 words were left unscathed! In the end, she gave up. I wasn’t allowed to write an email to anyone, without it being checked. This traumatised me to the point of really not ‘writing’ again for years, well certainly writing alone… This followed me into the start of NOTHS where again it was felt my emails should be checked before being sent. I think this ended my ability to feel any worth in writing and clicking send for about 7 years! It was only at the start of Holly & Co where my co-founders saw something I’d written and told me how good it was. I obviously thought they were just being kind, but they meant it. They saw I could creatively write and they were looking beyond the spelling and all the mistakes. They were looking at the piece of art and how they FELT once reading it. That the words were brushstrokes and didn’t need to be perfectly formed. It was more the importance of the colour and positioning of those strokes of creativity. They encouraged me to write and to paint in words. I’d still get my posts checked through each day, sometimes by two different people and that was after me checking each post for one hour following writing it! I bought tones of children’s English books and would do a few exercises a day. Then I bought kids grammar books and I learnt all over again where I struggled and started to understand ways to combat my worst points. I installed ‘Grammarly’ on all my devices – a must!

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