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Pop Your Ego

Ego is a subject that isn’t often talked about in business.

What is ego? It’s the idea you hold of yourself, the perception of your own importance and ability. Often, ego equates to a false sense of self.

Our grasp of identity is crucial in forming our foundations as human beings, so it’s understandable why so many become negative. The ego feels threatened and insecure all of the time and is looking out for the enemy. Because of that, our fears arise due to these excessive negative thoughts, often when looking into the future, which is where our ego likes to exist. It works tirelessly, conjuring the images of who we need to be, the things we should buy, goals we should achieve; everything it takes to be that better, shinier version of ourselves. Because us, as we are, will never be enough for our ego.

We can lose ourselves in this identification that’s obsessed with titles, material objects and looks. The importance placed on what car we drive, what other people think, how much money we make. It’s only when we go through the pain this ultimately causes, that an awakening begins.

I’m on a journey. I’m identifying now at how I allowed my ego, my fears, to control me. As I didn’t love myself, I wasn’t being my true self. I had ‘moments’ of knowing who I was, but ‘ego’ took me down a path that seemed easier, more familiar. My ego had a vision and I just followed it. Now, I’m reconnecting with who I truly am, not just for ‘moments’, but all day, every day. I’m finding more peace as I try and give up the things powered by ego. I’m not there yet, but just being able to identify this in myself and others, helps.

I’ll finish with an Oprah quote:

“Operating out of ego means that you’re operating out of fear. And, acting out of fear means you’re always going to be running after your life, instead of being in alignment with it. It’s about remaining conscious and staying connected to that peace of knowing you’re not the thoughts in your head.”

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