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Embrace your fear

Halloween is almost upon us. Now, outside of the usual tricks, treats, horror films and ghouls ? knocking at your door, there’s a different kind of fear you might be feeling. A sense of worry or foreboding that comes when we try to do something new, whether that’s a life change or whole new business idea.

Fear is just another feeling, and it often sits right next to excitement. It’s a sign that you’re doing something important that’s going to define and shape your life. The funny thing about fear is that is has this way of making small things seem big and terrifying; I’m talking Casper the friendly ghost vs Freddy Kruger! Call your fear out and establish what it is exactly that you’re afraid of. Go on admit it. We can all deal with our Caspers when we see them for what they are.

Will you let fear win, abandon your dreams, and let life carry on in the same way? Or will you take a deep breath, brace yourself, and face this fear head on, in pursuit of your goals? I’m a firm believer that we should embrace all feelings, good and bad, because they help us become better and stronger.

I’m worried about some things I have to deal with today, I have fear. But I am going to tell myself that this is okay. That fear is natural and it’s usually because ‘it matters’.

So this Halloween 2017, let’s all learn to embrace our fears, because we’re about to do something brave and exciting – and we’re ready for it all.

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