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Emotional Commerce

Seeing as money’s the conversation this month, I wanted to explain a term I’ve created – Emotional Commerce. You see, there’s something all the corporates have forgotten – we don’t vote with our minds, we vote to spend our money with our hearts. Out of the 35,000 decisions we make every single day, did you know that 95% are emotion and only 5% are rational! Now, if you take a second to think about this, you know it’s true. It doesn’t take long to verify this fact, and yet you’d be right to argue that the way we’re spoken to through media, advertising etc is either rational (money off blah blah etc) or a cheap version of emotional connection? As far as I can see, no one does it well except for charities. But seriously what about the crazy amount we are surrounded by each and every day – who else pulls at your emotional heart strings? Not in a soppy way, in a way that connects with you? Take a moment……? You see, you’ll find it hard to think anyone and that’s a crying shame. I created this term, so that when I do my talks around the country, I talk about this fact and how we ‘all’ should be better in connecting. Marketing teams, senior management and the CEO’s of the world, need to get on the bus covered in heart emojis. Because my theory is, and what I’m building with Holly & Co (hopefully and with fingers and toes crossed), are/is brands you feel you’re connected to, before any commerciality goes on – are the winners and the future. Businesses you refer to almost as friends. Brands you enjoy following, want to follow, seek to follow because you’re connected on a mission, journey, belief, plight etc. The brands of the future, will need to share their values, beliefs and missions and will not be allowed to sit on the fence on everything that matters, as they ply us with the vacuous ability to just ‘consume’. The world is changing, humans are changing and unless you ‘connect’ you’re dead. Our high streets are prime examples of what you can see physically happening, and these closures are happening online and offline to all who have ignored the fact that we’re emotional beings.

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