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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, is it becoming rarer? Or is it seemingly more scarcer because of the digital worlds we’re increasingly living in ? Do you feel it, or use it within your business? I can’t help but feel that we’re forgetting how to act around one another; how to treat those around us with the same kindness and love we’d like to be treated with.

I once heard a brilliant line that has stayed with me forever, “to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you first have to unlace your own.” ?? How do they feel? Do they pinch a little, do you find them too uncomfortable to walk in? The chances are if they hurt you, then they’re probably hurting the other person too.

That aside, the thought of stepping into others shoes is, for many of us, terrifying, ?because there’s the chance we might see ourselves in a different light – a less than favourable one. ?\

Empathy is a step towards compassion. It’s the ability to hold your opinion in your mind, whilst having room for someone else’s. It’s having the capacity to not always be right, to listen and to understand more. ?This can be especially hard when the other person’s viewpoint is so opposing to yours, but those are the times when you’ll learn not just something about that person, but more about yourself too.

I practice empathy everyday in business and actually in life. I find it helps me be close to people, as I am constantly seeing things from their POV. This sometimes can go too far, where it’s detrimental to what I’m doing or who I am. I’m so sure someone doesn’t mean to behave in a certain way, and even though I’m ready to make my mind up and move on, I stop and unlace my shoes, and step into theirs. ?\

However horrible it feels, I’ve trained myself. Why do they act like this? What are they scared of? How can I help?

Doing a dance, in their slippers, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll agree with what their doing, or how they are behaving, but you’ll understand more. If everything in life comes from love or fear, you’ll at least know what music their listening to and that will help you join the dance, or stand on the sidelines and wait for the next song.

Food for thought this Sunday X

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