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Emphatic Christmas

I love this card as it makes me smile but under these words, is so much truth. This time of year can be so painful to so many, for so many reasons. And this forced joy we should feel can make it all so much worse.

I know so many people, in my close circle, where age has caught up with us and parents have been lost, close family or friends have passed and some are fighting illness. Some are celebrating the first Christmas with now a broken family, or just generally, it’s been a shit year, and just because we’re ‘meant’ to be happy – doesn’t mean we all can.

I just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge this all. And if you are going through or feeling the above, just remember this whole Christmas thing, made up. ‘The Day’ is just another sunrise and sunset, like all the rest. The tinsel and Christmas tunes will soon retire and life will regain normality. Remember that anyone close to you knows it’s hard, they know this is all very difficult – just know they might not know what to say, or how to show it.

To anyone low, scared, in pain, unwell, missing someone dreadfully – we are all thinking of you. Try and take any smiles and cuddles you can and wrap your heart up in them. This time will pass. And we’re here for you now and on the other side. Thinking of you X

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