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Empower means ‘give power or authority to’. And so, I think that means this has to be my favourite word, ever. Because that’s all I want to do – empower everyone!

Give kids confidence to be the exact diamond they are, allowing them to shine. Big up those with a brilliant idea, who are petrified to fail. Give confidence to someone who’ gots to make a tough decision. Pump up businesses who could be ‘more’, to do just that. It’s a simple word but packed with the most awesome of punches.

And maybe it’s selfish to love that word? Because is it wrong to love the feeling I get, when I watch people soar. Fly higher than they could have expected from themselves or their little companies? When a kid gets their Mudely Wiggle on and the peacock feathers are out for all to see? Be there at that moment when someone rips off the plaster and relief is felt all around. Realise the brilliance in a founder where they’d not quite grasped how good they were! Selfish or not, I’m addicted.

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