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Running teams or being a cheerleader  is the most rewarding job, hands down. But, that’s not to say that sometimes it’s not easy. You’re not their parent, but it’s the only thing for me, that comes close to what the experience is like.
You have to know everyone and what motivates them, what brings them down, how to get the best out of them, what their default position will be on anything and then you need to understand how you navigate their psyche to help them get to their best place and thus the right place for the business.
At Holly & Co, we have a saying ‘presume positive intent’. It means that before you say anything to anyone about anything, you presume that the other person did, said, acted only in a way that was ‘for the good’ of the business. Because we’re a ‘work-family’, and I know no one would do anything to hurt our dreams intentionally. That the sheer sweat and tears that can flow from each and every person shows me their loyalty and commitment, every single day!

One of the things this week I have realised is that however hard I think someone is working, another monologue could be playing in their head. That they think, they’re NOT doing a good enough job! I need to recognise this in a few people and that they will always have this darkening music playing in their head. It’s my role to empower them to feel confident that ‘I know them’. That I really know them and I would tell them if I thought this was the case. That they need to feel empowered and that I will not pull the carpet from under their feet. That they feel empowered that they are permitted to be confident!
Is it worth us all thinking  about someone today who could be in need of feeling empowered? Might someone be playing a terrible dark and depressing vinyl in their minds? Could you change the tune and their day? XX
Thank you @modocreative for empowering me each morning, with my beautiful new sign.

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