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Entrepreneurship Is The New Women’s Movement

I just stopped in my tracks when Sahar presented this idea to us all at the Congregation. I’d never thought about any of this, in this way. Because of course, you sort of just subconsciously tot up what entrepreneurship looks like and still see a majority being male. But what if it isn’t? What if, this is a female movement?
Sahar took us through the qualities she sees great entrepreneurs having and ‘hey presto’, so many are female qualities!
 Our Softness = Empathy.
 Multitasking = Agility.
 Our Chattiness = Collaberation.
 Emotional Nature = Vulnerability
 Shopaholics = Inuition.
And of course there are others and of course, men posses these too, but let’s face it, we own these! Being able to empathise truly with your target audience and being able to create a product, or solve issues they face with empathy as the superpower! We can handle huge amounts, juggling and spinning plates at the fucking same time! With often, not a word, of how hard that is. The reason? We’ve worked the muscle hard since we were girls! And, we’re the CEOs of the household, spending 90% of all income! We by very nature are the customer to most things and the decision-maker. So we directly have insight that men don’t. Thus giving us an extraordinary experience to build a business out of.
I could go on and on. But you see, we’re now within a world, waking up to how epically magical women are. We’ve always been built like this but never recognised. It’s our time….it’s happening and now all we have to do, is sock it to the world! Go on…be bloody amazing…..I’m right with you X

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