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Everything is going to be alright

Even though I’m an eternal optimist, there are times that things are NOT alright.

Because even if it’s true, that it will be okay… It’s not okay right now, and sometimes that’s all we can see, feel and hear.

And let’s face it, it’s not okay that someone you loved is no longer living and breathing. It’s not okay that everything is falling apart around you, that your world is imploding more and more every moment of every day. It’s not okay that the bank accounts are struggling. It’s not okay that someone has shattered your heart It’s not okay that you’re exhausted to the point you can’t make it through a single day without curling into a sobbing ball on your kitchen floor.

The thing is, not everyday is going to be alright, and that is okay. But, just like travelling through a tunnel – you can’t stop the blackness until you go through the distance. What you do see or at least you’re aware of, is a light. That even though the darkness is surrounding and all consuming, you can see it. At some point in your future there is guaranteed brightness.

Brightness is a fact and something you can hold onto. Remember, this is one day out of approx 28,470 days that you’ll be alive. If today, this week, this month is a casualty to bad circumstance, know that probability is on your side that you will have another good day.

If a relationship has gone wrong, if you are struggling at work, if you are piling on too many pounds and unhappy, if you have anxiety – know that there is something else that you can look forward to once you stop thinking about it. You may feel lost, but as long as you exist, there is potential.There is your starting point. Take a walk, look at what’s around you and cherish the breath of life.

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