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Take a Break

This week I’ve spoken to a number of people who’ve still yet to take any time off this year! Eight months in, and not a moment to down tools and breathe. I do think we don’t take exhaustion seriously enough: it builds up over time and can have a real impact on your work.

I was reflecting when that used to be me. The longest I think I did, was just over 12 months. I was younger and at the start of building a business – just couldn’t, for one minute, walk away. Or so I thought! If children don’t run your melody in life, it’s scarily easy just to work your way through. And when you think just 57% of small businesses from a recent survey say they’re taking a holiday this year and only 32 % saying that booking a holiday is a priority – you realise nearly half of those running their own ship, will be getting away this year. And how long is enough? If the buck stops with you, we already can rule out over 14 days. And that’s reflected in the numbers with 61% taking a week off, 26% a few days and only 9% taking the mega two week holiday.

I really do get the reality, and as much as we all know we need break, sometimes there’s a fact that at the stage you’re at, you have to plough on through the exhaustion. Certainly in those early years I understand when the business has to come first, if you are to make it. If you’re at that stage, know how powerful you can make weekends. Sleeping, looking after your body, day trips and putting your face in our British sun. And for those, who sort of know that the world wouldn’t collapse if they stepped off the treadmill for a week – get your fingers tapping, and book something now!

Because he’s a genius, the picture credit goes to Andy from Vinegar & Brown Paper. Andy has a way of taking objects and repurposing them into art. Carefully collecting the perfect vessel to allow his words to shine, he engraves to make us all smile and think. And that’s because this guy knows his brand. I’m so thrilled that Andy will be joining me on a panel at The Congregation of Inspiration to discuss his thoughts on branding and how to build one that matters.

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