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Falling out of love with your business

It happens to all business owners at some point; the moment you realise you don’t have the energy anymore. The thought of starting the engines no longer appeals. What brought a smile to your face, no longer is a happiness maker. Sitting in a meeting planning and building, used to make you more excited than life, yet now feels like a serious Groundhog Day. Like a baby that doesn’t stop crying, pushing you to a place where you wanna scream ‘I didn’t sign up to this’- but you don’t, so the scream becomes a toxic internal voice lingering over your days like a fog.

It’s okay, it happened to me and to lots of people I know. You’re not alone. You’ve slightly or fully fallen out of love with your business.

I’m here, though, to reassure you this heart can absolutely be repaired. But, like any sickness of the heart, it depends how bad it is. Does it need a few pills, a lifestyle change, pacemaker or full on resusitation? Whatever it needs, remember it’s curable and you’re fully equipped to be the perfect doctor.

Start a list (two columns) and scribble everything you can’t bear anymore one side and solutions on the other. Now this is the important part, like the diversity of cures in the medical world, be brutally real in what would help ‘unique’ you solve your ailments. No one will see this list but you, so go to those places you think you can’t. Solutions I’ve seen or heard have ranged from moving the office, only working 3 days a week, hiring a team, working with a partner or breaking up with one. From mentorship, to raising money, to re branding or changing the DNA of what you do. Or, more simply, the ability to leave on time to pick up the kids, work from home one day a week or colleagues to pick up the slack rather than all being left to you. Whatever it is, be honest with how your first column finds a remedy.

Remember, where there’s a will, a recollection of what love used to feel like – there’s solid hope.

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