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Do you love your work?

One of my favourite quotes which you’ll have heard me reference before (if you’ve been to The Congregation of Inspiration) is this one from Teddy Roosevelt…

Far and away the best prize life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

It resonates with me so deeply, firstly because I’ve always naturally been inclined to want to work but also because my mission with Holly & Co is to, in whatever way possible, help change peoples lives for the better. Having that purpose and drive behind us, reminds us even at the hardest of times – that it is worth it and that we are lucky.

If you’re thinking what makes something ‘worth’ doing, it’s important to remember this is obviously subjective to an extent and you don’t have to be saving the world or saving lives for what you are doing to be considered worthy!! Although those are of course incredibly worthy things to do, we can’t all be saints. If something makes you personally happy, then surely this is work worth doing – for yourself. And if it supports your family and allows you to do the things you love in the process then that makes it even more so!

I believe that running a small business brings great value to the world because just to survive is so hard, so the ones who do, do so because of their passion and belief in what they are creating, which leaves us with the most amazing companies and products!!

And whether you’re a small business or not, you can break it down to a day-to-day level. Looking at the tasks you’re doing and analysing them to see if they’re ultimately adding value to your overall goal. If not (be blinking honest with yourself!) have delight in slinging it off the to-do list and concentrate on the task that takes your business to that next level!

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