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Feel the Fear

Last night, I was scared. I’ve put everything into Holly & Co and now faced with a few weeks delay in launching, I’m petrified that the last two years will somehow not be enough. I’ve put everything on the line and I deeply felt a sense of fear. So what is fear?

Fear, is one of the most basic human emotions, yet it’s one that prevents a majority of us from living our greatest potential or following our hearts.

Countless wildly successful people have mentioned that they experienced some level of fear – so I know I’m not alone. The ones that actually do make it, apparently are those that keep their fear in check.

The three greatest categories of fear that I hear are; fear of failing, fear of not being “enough”, and fear of disappointing people. I’m so sure you can all identify with all three. I know I do. After thinking about it, and doing a little research – here are some tips.

  • Fear of failure – fully embrace the fact that you cannot fail. If things do not work out as well as you’d hoped or don’t work at all – then see it as an opportunity to learn. A moment to re-energize, and try again with so many learnings under your belt. Only you, tell you, that you’ve failed.
  • Fear of not being enough – you ARE enough. By your very nature of being here on this planet, you’re enough. Avoid (at all costs) comparing yourself to others and really focus on being the very best YOU can be on this extraordinary journey. With practice you can make this go away.
  • Fear of disappointing people – do it with grace. It’s never easy to let people down, but saying no in order to protect your energy and wellness is something we all have to learn. I know I do. As life gets faster and faster and we have more demands on our time. When done with authenticity and kindness, disappointing people can be the most liberating skill you’ll ever have learnt.

So where are my fears lying – in failure and disappointing you all. So, this morning I am giving myself a good talking to and I am going to ride on the unbelievably positive vibes I get from this amazing community and let it be my back bone, when mine goes to jelly! Anyone else scared out there?

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