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Find Your Passion

I don’t know what I’d feel like if I didn’t have my purpose in this limbo time between Chrimbo and New Year. I think I know myself well enough to predict that I’d feel totally lost. Of course, we all know, work will start this week or next for most of us, but that’s so very different to ‘purpose’.

Your purpose is basically your calling in life. The reason you were born with the stat of 1 in 400 trillion chance of you existing being proof you’re a fucking miracle. It’s the diamond from within, shining it’s very brightest. If what I’m saying is alien to you, you’d not go far wrong than to read this book.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in ‘limbo’ in your life, have moved jobs, have left a job, started a job, hate a job, haven’t had a job in years – this is about finding your souls calling and what tastes as good as the box of Roses or Quality Street you just ate!

Starting your own business can be your calling, or it might be that your diamond doesn’t need you to start a business – but however it manifests itself – know you are not living a true and full life unless you find yours.

How about treating yourself in 2020, by having the clearest vision of your life?

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