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Finding some alone time

I read a post recently about someone I cared about, who found herself crying, as she just couldn’t find time alone. By the time she’d dropped off the kids, gone to the office, worked the day, carved the hour alone to be creative (which was taken away – hence the tears) – it would be time for the school run. She also had quite a few kids, which adds its own dynamics!

I find too that I’m basically, never alone. Like never. And it got to the point that I ended up not being able to be alone. It was so alien – I had no idea what to do with myself. So one day, god knows when, I decided that my bed would be ‘my place’; my island! Maybe it became the sanctuary of choice, as I’m always quite tired! I designed the bed with the best mattress I could afford. Covered it in the most wonderful (various) covers, from knitted to velvet. I stuffed the bed with lots of cushions with strong females adorning them. I have lavender and different scents to spray. A plug carefully positioned, so that the various devices can be charged. A custom made table I type away at, that slots over the bed where I prop myself up in. I’m actually typing this post with Mudley curled up next to me, in bed and door closed. I can work to the point of true fatigue. The team knows, Frank knows, Harry knows – I will need a bed day when this comes about.

Did I ever think I was allowed these? Deserved them? Could ever make them possible? Course not! And I bet the person who I felt so terrible for doesn’t either. But, the team or the client or the family has to wait. The priority has to be shifted – just for one day. Even if you get 4-5 hours, it makes all the difference. Difference to your soul, creativity and smile.

This post is written to make sure we all feel we can prioritise the inner battery of ourselves. For a very long time, I would have poo pooed this post, but over time experience has taught me that everyone needs a break at some point, so it’s important I write and share. As it has, I think, saved my life!

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