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Ken Robinson The Element Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

Finding Your Element

The fact that the education system isn’t preparing our children for the world that they will be entering (by 2020 40% of the UK workforce will be freelance) is something I think about daily and I talk about often. I really hope that in the journey of Holly & Co, we will, in some way be able to tackle it.

Dr Ken Robinson is in my opinion one of the most incredible thinkers of our time and if you haven’t watched his TED talk yet, please do! Make yourself a cuppa – you won’t regret it! He talks passionately about the impact of the lack of creativity within the education system is having on our children. I know that it’s a topic very close to the hearts of many people in this creative small business community: it certainly is to me.

I promise you, if you only have the chance to read one book over the summer, in the snatched minutes during the holidays – this is it. Ken Robinson talks beautifully about finding your ‘element’: something he describes as “the place where the things we love to do and the things we are good at, come together”.

He delves into the world of education and how we should be looking at education in a much broader sense, teaching in a way that focuses on individual strengths and passions. But rather than just a hypothesis, this book weaves in real life stories of people who have combined all these things to see huge success.

If there was one book I could make a compulsory read for every 16 year old, it would be this. If you have already read it, I would love to know your thoughts below (or if you have any other suggestions for a good summer read?)

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