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I wanted to remind you of something that I once didn’t realise, but very much appreciate now. That you are your business, and if it had a fingerprint, it would be identical to your own.

Due to being so close to the day-to-day it’s hard to recognise this, especially if you have others around you who you feel play more of a useful role. But, if you take a moment to think about it, your critical importance, makes sense.

You’re the Duracell battery that sits at the heart of this complex mechanical toy. It’s you that powers its everyday, and as you know, it only lasts a certain amount of time without you. You’re its source of energy and only you give it life, and so it’s not surprising it now resembles you.

From the design of it’s logo and tone of voice, to the website design and unique product or service you offer, it’s all special because it’s the amplification of you. The systems created and the pace it travels, to the people it attracts and the awards it collects, these aren’t just by chance, it’s because you have the ability to speak the exact same language.

So when people tell you or you feel that your business needs to function without you, when you feel it doesn’t need you, or you aren’t quite clear what you give the business anymore – you give it the magic. You give it the ‘life force’ that makes it live and flourish.

As small businesses or people dreaming of setting up on their own, it’s good that you’re very clear on this fact. Unless you’re planning on building a corporate machine, you need to remember you’re the heart and without you the dream won’t be realised. Let this give you a great deal of pride and strength, and never allow yourself to think any different.

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