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As I’m getting older, I’ve become really interested in what makes up me. So I found myself looking through some old pics and came across the picture above. Four generations of women: my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mum and me!

My grandmother and her mum were beautiful, french, artistic, glamorous and just very chic. They brought my mum up with all those qualities, but my mum added the cool factor. The denim boiler suit, the trouser wedding dress, the small business and the love to let me be, who I needed to be.

I was changing the other day and I had a lovely moment, where mum sat and we just chatted. She opened up about ‘the hurricane’ I was and how the only way to help guide me, was to let me go forth and just be there on the side lines. There to pick up pieces and let me know she was there for me, when I needed her. It was a real moment of appreciation; what that must have taken, to step back and let me venture forth with such force. The strength it required to be that controlled and respectful of my character.

I’m lucky to see my mum now most days. She embodies all of the generations of women that came before her and has become, quite simply remarkable. I’m honoured that I got to share in their DNA.

Has anyone else taken a trip down memory lane lately? Worked out where your oddness comes from or talent? When you dig, it’s quite fascinating – isn’t it?

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