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Generosity Is Giving More Than You Can…

I woke up this morning, promising myself a better day than yesterday. I soul searched and realised I needed to be honest with the group of people I care about the most.

Everyday I wake up and go to sleep, thinking about the small business community. When I get to work a small group of extraordinary humans get together and we build, create and make a brighter future. From pouring all I can into every word I write everyday, to producing a podcast – everyone’s hearts are joined with the plight to make the small business landscape more exciting and more helpful.
Over the last 2 yrs, I’ve learnt and taken on board more of what this group wanted, and overwhelmingly it was to have ‘time’ to learn. It was a ‘want’ to experience what I can give, which normally is behind closed doors, to a far larger group

The truth is with 3 wks to go, this event is more than I could have hoped for! From a venue ,we’re making into something spectacular, a full day of catering, to the most amazing lineup of 15 panelists, to an incredible keynote. Creating presentations of all my secrets of what I believe are the keys to living a successful, happy journey. Pouring my soul into each minute. And the event being 10 hours long – that’s a hell lot of pouring!

My heart told me to give it ‘all’. To spoil and knock the socks off this amazing community. But my head is now battling my dream. This event was never going to make a penny for Holly & Co, it was only ever going to breakeven. But, as it stands, I’m set to make a significant loss. It feels like I ‘dreamt up’ too much, which then gave the notion this was a money making machine or mission! Far from it. From offering a % off for a tiny period of time, to receiving really negative and unkind messages, to hearing that there’s lots of negativity behind closed virtual doors of my greed. It’s as if no one knows me or knows what the real reality is. So I thought I’d tell you.
My heart and head are battling. My ‘want’ to give, is being bruised. So today is going to be about picking myself up, and struggling with what to do? What shall I do?

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