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Get your hands dirty

Unless you do it yourself it’s never going to get done – you’re right!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written lots about delegation and fully believe in ‘letting go with love’, hiring and growing by allowing others to grow. But, today is about addressing one belief – when you want something done that’s not getting done, but needs to be done to progress your dreams, the right thing to do is to do it yourself.

Let’s remember, it was you that created your vision and there’s no one like you who knows the code to the labyrinth of your business. Also remember, you’re the key-holder and don’t need permission from anyone to do what you think needs to be done.

I’ve seen it too many times (hey, been there, done that) when people get to a point they feel paralysed in not being able to move their ship forward. You might be in the driving seat, but for some reason you no longer feel empowered to drive.

Get your hands dirty! Make that call you’ve been thinking about, set up that meeting, or lose that negativity in your business. Go into the storeroom and spend a day reorganising it exactly how you want it, or perhaps your filing systems have gone haywire and no one seems to care – so get stuck in! Design that crazy idea, cover your office in paper and get that vision out of your head, or even get the paint out!

Whatever it is, your hands should always get your hands dirty. You inspire people by getting stuck in. Most importantly, your hands should be the dirtiest, as it’s your dirt that’s magical to your future. Remember, it’s not dirt, it’s the colours of a beautiful rainbow you’re creating.

Do you now see the need to get stuck into things? Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty? Have you lost your confidence in making those ‘out there’ choices?

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