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Girl gang

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other. - Simon Sinek

I took this pic of my girls, my gang, my flock of women – the ladies who are the wind beneath my wings and it inspired me to write about what makes a true team.

  1. Trust. Everyone in a team has a different role, but every role comes together towards a single goal of the team. As such, everyone directly or indirectly depends on the other team members on producing work. A truly great team is made up of members that 100% trust one another.

  2. Specialisation. Just like a team of athletes working together in different roles to win the game, good teamwork comes from members combining their specialised talents to achieve an end goal. Allowing each person their own unique contributions leads to far superior outcomes.

  3. Ch​allenge Away. Fear is the biggest obstacle to creativity and growth. It is the cancer of a team, don’t let it grow! Be particularly attentive to members who either suppress others, or members who find it hard to express their opinions. Strive to create a fearless team. Challenge everyone to challenge everyone else.

  4. Flexibility. Being adaptable is a key trait of any team player. Confronting and resolving crises, rushing to meet deadlines, or picking up the slack when it comes to crunch time. Make sure they love change.

  5. Patience. Working with others requires the most (the most!) difficult trait of all ­ patience and tolerance. We all strive for it, but few people are truly unflappable. Patience is the stability backbone ­of any team.

  6. Sharing. A ​team is a team for a reason, and we have to share our resources and ideas to make things work. A great team needs to share openly and willingly, without having fear their ideas or credit will be stolen by others.

  7. Proper friends.​ We’re social beings and cannot work like robots. Besides work, we also like to talk about our hobbies, families, kids, holidays etc. Nothing is better than knowing your team is having fun without you.

Of course this picture is made that much better, by the modelling of our glitter sleeved Holly & Co uniform! Anyone else love their Girl Gang?

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