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give yourself a break

Give yourself a break

I often mention the importance of recharging your batteries, and I do so because it’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the years. There is nothing, without you being on your ‘A’ game. As the founder, you’re the Duracell battery in your own company or your dreams. It’s a funny time of year, for small businesses, a quiet time of year where you start to worry how you’ll make it to Christmas. In these moments of worry, it sounds counterproductive to ‘take a break’, but I promise you, it isn’t. Give yourself permission to have a moment – from 1 min to a whole day – to recharge, gather strength and see yourself to Christmas. You need to allow yourself time, to drain the panic and start to think of creative ways to see yourself through. Have you tackled different markets? International? Corporate? Have you allowed yourself the time, to think up that idea you have been mulling over for years. If you are having a quiet time, put it to good use. Make it mean something and matter. Recharge and go forth XX

This image is from the incredible artist Nicole Levelle

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