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Going Offline

Yesterday I went ‘offline’ for the first time in over a year. I switched off my phone, I put the tablets in the draw and closed the office door on two computers. The morning felt very strange as I kept tapping my pocket furiously, realising then, I had a technology ‘tick’, where I seemed to crave seeing a screen, in order to keep calm.

As the hours rolled by, I realised I was missing it less and less, I felt very calm. That night I actually ended up losing my phone (quite annoying!) due to not remembering where I put it. This never happens!

I’m sure we all experience exactly the same things: sitting down for a drink with someone and all rushing to send that last urgent text or email or having a meeting with phone faced upwards and becoming distracted by the small boxes appearing constantly on someone’s screen. Sitting down to work and then finding 20 minutes have passed as you go off ‘wandering the streets’ of the internet or looking around your family and witnessing the ‘tech’ glow, as all their faces are lit up by the light of the screens.

Technology ‘black holes’ have a grip on nearly everyone’s lives today and I’m sure it is stripping away productivity and happiness. Do not get me wrong, technology is one of the most amazing tools in life today, but we are all still learning how to control it and not the other way around.

Remember, we now all walk about with a ‘mini’ computer in our pockets. Not only that, this mini computer has the power to know everything and anything you need. Like the Genie in the lamp (or now your pocket), you can rely on it to tell you anything you desire.

But, as important and beneficial the web can be, it can also be a downfall for many; just as too much of anything can be bad for you. Once you recognize that a large amount of your missing time comes thanks to technology, you can examine your life and find little ways, you can start to take back more of your time.

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