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Good life companies

I refer to the Good Life a great deal at Holly & Co and get asked what it means to me. ‘The Good Life’ was initially referred to by Aristotle. The first philosopher to have thoughts on happiness or ‘eudaimonia’, as it was called in Ancient Greece.

Aristotle talks about a ‘good life’ in achieving or having the following 1) Bodily Goods: health, vitality, vigor, and pleasure; 2) External Goods: food, drink, shelter, clothing, and sleep; and 3) Goods Of The Soul: knowledge, skill, love, friendship, aesthetic enjoyment, self-esteem, and honor. He started the conversation that the best life, was not just about the popular contenders – money, success, pleasure and relationships.

It shows us that Aristotle understood (long ago!), that there was another type of success. One not only born out of what we’re brought up to believe successful living requires – a good ‘proper’ job, lots of money, big mortgages etc.

Thanks to being able to observe 1000’s of small creative businesses and my own personal career, I have learnt, that the true sense of success and fulfilment comes from being able to be your true self as your job. If you can get up everyday and do what you love as your career and you can sustain a life this way – this is true success. You earn enough, to keep living this life. I’m helping people understand what they already inherently knew. Balancing happiness, family, health WITH profit, growth and scale – that this is the magic formula of business for this tribe.

That’s why I’m making it my mission to help people acknowledge and create ‘Good Life Companies’. I came up with this name, so it could sit comfortably on any ‘business’ documentation and feel official!

I had this light made by the amazing and brilliant @goodwinandgoodwin who for me, are a ‘Good Life Company’. They are amazing at what they do, because they love it. They use their unique skill to build a business that sustains their life, but also their souls. It sits on my kitchen wall reminding me that not only am I living ‘The Good Life’, but that this is my daily mission – to help others live one too.

So, here’s to the Good Life.

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