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Good Life Company

A Good Life Company Business Model

For 15 years I’ve now worked with countless small business and realised there wasn’t a ‘plan’ to work to. That is, something designed for small businesses, enabling them to become successful whilst futuristic. So, like anything that’s not been available, I don’t settle – I create. Introducing – The Good Life Company. The premise of why you’re working for yourself. Recognising you wanted to balance happiness and profits. That you want your two worlds (professional and personal) to collide. The school pick up is as important as the next target – equally important and neither compromisable.

So ‘The Good Life Company Business Model’ is based on doing and being good 24hrs a day. Let me break this down, as much as I can in this post. Be Good: exude passion, have proper skill, have an ability no one else has, be really talented at what you do, be an expert. Do Good: Don’t just think about yourself, think about how your time will make a difference. Think about how your business can help others? Who can you give a chance to? How will your brand change the world? Feel Good: Security by planning, so you can sleep. Take care of your mental health. Make sure you plan fun. Ditch those that drain you and only surround yourself with radiators etc. Every time these areas of your life/business cross – they create purpose. The collision is where electricity lies. These purposes lead up to living what we call ‘The Good Life’. All of these elements float inside a plasma made up of – Hard work, Community and Quality of Product. Community: The people surrounding your lives. Friends, family, neighbours, other small businesses, partners, childcare, suppliers. Hire passionate people, loyal and hardworking. Quality Product: There’s no room in the future for landfill. The future equates to fewer brands – so you need to stand out. You will not last a lifetime, with what others can ‘churn out’. Be smart, timeless, quality, unique and special. Fucking Hard Work: Nothing comes easy – to no one. Not to Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Anita Roddick. You’ll only have lasting success if you’re willing to work REALLY hard and not resent it. Be utterly determined and focused. Hope this helps you all x

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