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Grow Through What You Go Through

We’re at the end of the month, where we celebrated everything to do with growing and nurturing new ideas, through the lens of mother nature. So, I’m ending with a few wise and green words.

We can’t always help what we go through, in which case we need to grab hold of anything positive or practical, to make these experience, not exclusively useless, sad or painful.

I’m going through some unchartered waters; places I never thought I’d have to go to. But, being rather practiced at this now, I’m looking around (through the shit) and seeing what I can do to self improved. How can I come out of this a better person? What personality muscles have I not worked in a while?

I’ve had the privilege of talking to soooo many small businesses this month, and things are tough. Possibly harder than they’ve ever been? I’m feeling for you all, and know, I’m thinking and working for you, all the time. But, if you can, try and ‘wear’ this sentiment.

See if you can grow stronger, leaner, cleverer, tougher, smarter through the journey. GROW through what you GO through X

‘Grow through what you go through’ Enamel pin by Old English Company

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