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Growing to help you grow

As you know, this month our Work/Shop has become a living and planted space, where we are celebrating the growth of business ideas.

Here I stand, next to our living wall that sums us up! Well, sums us up, as far as this is what we’re growing into! This year (and last!) we’ve been growing, nurturing and cultivating ourselves into a brand, that’s hopefully, going to change the landscape for creative small businesses. We’ve been growing ourselves (not in head count !), but in plans and aspirations. We’ve been listening and understanding what the small ‘creative’ business community want. What we know so far? You want a place to share learnings, physical events and ability to meet others, a safe place to engage with your darkest fears with those who can really help and just generally, a place that brings ‘new and excitement’ to your business lives!

If you’re a dreamer, dabbler or doer – you want a partner in crime and a business world that’s different. Sooooooo, we’ve been working (just a little bit hard!) on, some very exciting projects! Missions that I can’t wait to share with you. I suppose, this is what they call a ‘teaser’ – as I can’t share them with you today, but I will be very, very soon! A very colourful, useful, exciting, ethical and full of love world – will be coming your way.

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