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Holly & Frank the raven

Happy Anniversary Frank

Sixteen years ago, Frank and I met at The Raven (Thank you @delightfulliving for making this over a decade ago – we treasure it) for our first date. I’ll always remember having to take a breather, before I walked in, so I could adjust my make-up and calm down! I’d never really dated, as I’d been in a longterm relationship since the age of 13 and so this was my first ever date! Needless to say, my first date, turned into a lifetime.

I don’t know if he truly knew what he was taking on and the journey his love, allowed me to travel. I don’t think it’s the easiest of jobs, being the partner of an entrepreneur! And, I know that my ‘missions’ have caused so much pressure on ‘love’. Love is so fragile and needs such care. It’s been fucking tough, the truth be told and many times, we questioned if we’d make it. But, he’s my constant. He’s the man who balances the hurricane. The best father Harry could wish for. He keeps this family whole. I can honestly say, that thanks to both us being ‘happier’, our love grows from strength to strength everyday. I have him and my new mission at Holly & Co, to thank for my happiness.

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