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Happy International Women’s Day 2020!

Happy International Women’s Day 2020! March is definitely one of the highlights of the Holly & Co calendar, where the whole team and I shout from the rooftops, all month, about bloody brilliant female founders and inspiring women! Of which there are so many, but without a doubt, the visibility for a #femalefounder must improve! Why? Because it’s imperative to not only inspire women to GO FOR IT, but also girls, who more than ever need to know that being your own boss, the master of their destiny is better than anything they see on Instagram!

As I sat chatting to my co-founders recently we thought sometimes the issue is that people don’t actually know a business is founded by a woman. As in, we’d not heard the story. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to wear a badge of honour (of sorts) with pride, to let people know – a woman did this! So, in true Holly & Co fashion, we created a product – a sticker for female founders, everywhere they create. From shops, studios, offices, living rooms etc – to let their customers and anyone passing know who’s the genius behind the magic! And we created it with the brilliant #femalefounder @nutmegwallart, thank you, Adele!

We love working with incredible women like Adele, in fact over 80% of the products stocked in Holly & Co are by female-founded businesses! So if you’ve visited the Work/Shop or shopped online, then chances are you’re supporting these brilliant women.

I’m so proud to work alongside my female co-founders Carrie and Gabi, the whole office of women (+Robert & Will!) and to support so, so, so many women in business (in my first business baby @notontheighstreet and now and continue to strive to inspire more women to tackle the issues stopping them from taking the leap and making their dream a reality. In a world where EQ is becoming an increasingly important and valuable commodity, it really is the age of the female entrepreneur, and I will continue to do all I can to support them.

If you know a female founder, please share this post and tag them, together, we can change the narrative and the landscape of business, for good. #womensupportingwomen #IWD #IWD2020 #femalefounder #womeninbusiness

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