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The Happy News Holly Tucker

The Happy Newspaper

I don’t often go on and on about someone, but today I am! It’s my dear Emily Coxhead, who’s the creator of The Happy Newspaper.

A newspaper that’s soul purpose is to bring you happiness, as it reports only happy news from around the world. Yesterday I took a moment, as the latest edition arrived in the Work/Shop. I laughed and cried as I read how bloody spectacularly and insanely brilliant this world is. Full of the most amazing stories and hope.

My smile was radiating as I read this latest edition, because recently, I got to spend some quality time with this young soul. Only 25 years old, she stunned me with her genuine joy and kindness. She spoke often about her love and support her longterm boyfriend has given her, and this week I watched a post of the seconds after, he popped the question! I have to say, I really welled up because this is a girl, who deserves all the happiness she gives out, to come straight back at her. And it did! Dear Emily, congratulations to you both and thank you for bringing such happiness into our worlds.

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