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Head in the sand days

O is for Ostriching, aka burying your head in the sand! Anyone else doing a little bit of this at the moment? My hand is firmly in the air. Small or large, I think we all have things that we’d rather bugger off and annoy someone else. From my Mac power cable destroyed every time we have a power cut (which is too often – another case of ostriching) where I just buy another, rather than sort the issue, to the two years of bills to file, neatly organised into a beautiful copper basket. Then there are those relationships that can’t seem to get off life’s rollercoaster. 

We all have them, and in a world where we have 1000 things on that to-do list, they’re inevitable. These subjects rarely get the honour and privilege of making it to the master list of life, do they? It makes my toes curl to think if the ’O’s’ had their own list – what a scary thought. Think though, it might be life changing. 

I dare you – I challenge you to make that ‘O’ list. It could be on the side of a notebook or on the back of a fag packet. However small or large, scribble it down. Let’s think of all the things that could be on that list, just so one of us has written the words. Be it marriage, friendships, your kid failing at school, no money, need a break, lumps, bumps, parents need help now, weight, you don’t enjoy what you do anymore, overwhelmed, depression or time to grieve. Though, don’t forget about those bills in copper baskets, no laundry system, the front door needs painting, no food in fridge ever, no wine in fridge ever (wonder why that is!), dog needs to go to vet, kid needs to stop wearing tiny clothes, a new bra (please god!) AND your Mac’s power cord… they have a funny habit of short circuiting every time you turn on the lights! 

So today, I’m dedicating my time (even if you wimp out) to tackling my ‘O’s’. I know that by the end of it, I hope to have not forgotten to stock the fridge (with wine at least!), that I’ll be sitting in my new bra (not just that), and I hope to be cheersing (you know that word – right!) with my nearest and dearest, who I need to sort a few ‘O’s out with. Fingers crossed x

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