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Heads, Hearts & Hands

It might look simple, but as all small businesses know, what they produce has gone through a process. Not a gap in the market, a machine and countless grey shelves. No, what small businesses create goes through a complexed process. One that is hardly ever ‘excel-able’!

The absorption of learnings and imagination, that then gets channeled through the valves of our emotions and our very being. From our heart, it has the challenging task of getting our hands, to do what’s in our minds and passion – nothing simple about this.

We are coming to the end of the month where we have celebrated male makers and tried to encourage more. We want to try and help as many men, who have a dream. Something caught in their minds, that needs to be set free. We know that many men want to quite the rat race and can’t. In fact, when surveyed, over 70% would like to be able to work flexibly, but feel they can’t ask. If you know any man who has their dreams stuck in their mind and that’s hurting the very core of who they are – please do share this post.

We are here to help and shine the light. Heads, Hearts & Hands.

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