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Helping Harry Grow

Holidays: A peaceful break, time to charge the batteries, to just sit back, and relax! Or, you realise that your son has common entrance exams in 6 weeks and we’ve got some SERIOUS revision to get done! So I’m re-visiting the subject I could never be paid to do again – science! From levers and pivots, to atoms and periodic tables!

We’re cramming in his whole year’s work in a week, and I don’t mind saying, it’s been hell for us both! There are moments, I’m trying to pronounce things and look ever so clever, that we end up just breaking down in tears of laughter. He knows, and I know, he’ll never use this in adult life! And yet, there we are, waves and sun at arms reach and we’re trying to be who we aren’t! Thought maybe a few ‘vertebrate’ fish in a tank using filtration (I hope!), which uses gravitational force to clean our feet which is part of our skeletal structure – might help!

Mojito anyone?!


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