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Here’s to the doers

I’ve become completely obsessed with the @dobookco, and their inspirational pocket guide books ‘for doers’. I mean, how could I resist, when we’re on a mission to advise and inspire dreamers, dabblers and doers ourselves?!

Each one is less than 100 pages long, with the emphasis on the ‘doing’ than the describing. They’re written by speakers from the #dolectures, and the aim of each book is to capture in black and white, the energy and positive change people feel from the lectures themselves .

This book, Do / Fly, is part of the smart working range, and is perfect for the dreamers amongst us; all those starting out on their small business journeys. Because doing what you love isn’t as simple as just saying it, this handy book will give you direction  and encouragement , helping turn your natural skills into your own success story 

I want to be that person that reads two books a week, but I’m not, so I’ve found that this series perfectly fits into my life. Inspires me and just hits the spot – each time.

Fly folks xx

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