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Hiring! Well I could write about this everyday and still not be able to convey all I’ve learnt, but let’s just start somewhere. You need:

  • Energy – lots of it! Can they work harder than you? They need to feel electric and no Red Bull required!

  • Passion – show a joy for life, for your business, for the industry or for anything. You want someone ‘alive’ and to believe. How will they convince you?

  • Embrace change – people more often than not hate change. They might say they love it but they don’t. Your business changes and morphs constantly and you need people who only enjoy this type of ride. What examples can they give that prove they’re a chameleon and relish it?

  • On brand – you’ll know if they’re on brand or not. YES it matters. Whatever they do in the business, they need to dig your brand and are able to explain why with utter ease.

  • Autonomous – once you’ve told them where you’re heading, could they find their own way? Ask them to prove that they have great navigational skills.

  • Focus – they can prioritise, understand what you want, read the heat map of the company and be all over it. Tunnel vision when required.

  • Execute – they get shit done. They exude this ability to power through a ‘to do list’ like the Duracell rabbit. They don’t just talk the talk they walk that walk (quickly!) Get them to prove this by telling you a story about under pressure and got the impossible done.

  • Zero Arsehole – thats right! Zero tolerance. A very important question for a SME. Would you welcome going to pub with them alone and spending the evening together? If yes, they’re right. If you’d rather eat your eyeballs then there’s your answer, it’s a no!

When you find yourself trying to justify why it’s okay that someone doesn’t have these qualities – stop! You need the right person and they’re out there but you must ‘hold’ till you find them. This is your box (your business) where you collect only the best crayons.

So remember, the most important thing you can do is hire right and only when it is right.


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