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I rarely take Holidays, but I’m taking a moment out presently, to recharge what was becoming a depleted battery.

One of my aims at Holly & Co is to keep my business small, yet powerful. But in doing that, the tiny gang have to work very hard and I know I will need to work like a warrior in order to keep them energised. But this doesn’t worry me. Designing this business, so that it is entwined with my DNA, also means that my work and personal life are at one. The almost limitless and constant energy I pour in, makes me who I am. But I’ve learnt that even though my soul could just keep going forever, my vessel needs to stop every now and again.

I was once told to take time out every quarter of a year, as that’s when you’ll feel it most. And it’s true. After 3 months of being ‘on on’, my body starts to tell me it needs to stop (‘off off!’) I’ve found that normally for me, the giveaway sign is when I enter this slightly bionic woman state. I know that I’m shattered, but somehow seem to be coping, keep pushing and have thoughts like ‘Oh, I’m alright!’

So for now, I’m just being. I’m taking walks along the beach with my pack of strays. I have space to plan in the present, and I’m also looking out to what my future holds. Far from black clouds – the future is so packed with colour, purpose and goodness. Wishing you all small or large breaks this Easter to dream up, your dreams x

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