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Holly and Co B Corp Journey – Sticky Notes

Did you know only a small amount of sticky notes can be recycled?  The glue that gives post-its their stick can cause issues when recycling paper and so many centres discourage people from recycling them! And when you think the brand 3M who create the Post It makes 50 billion of them a year – this is an issue!

Since starting our B Corp journey I’ve been really thinking about the small (and BIG!) changes Holly & Co. can make to ensure we’re always thinking about people and planet.  So after I discovered that sticky notes can’t be recycled and how I oust go through a pack a week! I started to think… do I really need them?? Honestly, my first response was ‘YES!’ – you kidding me! How else can I keep a track of my to-do lists?  How else can I annoy people with things they need to do, unless I stick one in the middle of their computer screens! But after the initial shock had worn off I started to think, we’ll work something out! Which is why I’m banning the sticky note from our office after we’ve used our current stash. We won’t be buying anymore for the stationery cupboard. Slight panic coming over me!

It’s a small change, but it’s part of a bigger mindset shift which is encouraging me and my team to question business as usual. I’d love to know your tips and tricks for reducing office waste? And if anyone will join me?

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