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Hiring first employee

Holly’s business advice #2: How do you find that very first employee?

I’d say, finding the right people to work for you, is the most important task you can carry out for your business. Yes, the mechanics are important, hiring someone who is the right fit for your company – well it’s critical. One of the steps many businesses don’t do, or feel is required when recruiting, is knowing your business well enough. If it were a person itself, what would they look like? What personality and energy would they bring? If you were having an intimate dinner party, you’d not expect people who were at odds, to get on. Well, your first employee is very much the same. You’d want the business and that employee to have been matched, by your relationship skills.

Employing your first person, is very much like your first love. They’re so important to get right, as it can catapult your business into what it will become. We all know people who either had a wonderful experience of first love, allowing them to grow in themselves; becoming who they were and blossoming. Or, we also know people damaged by that experience. Those first steps into adulthood, tarnished by negativity. So it’s IMPORTANT to get it right. Like a good matchmaker, seek out people with the same interests; same view of the world. Passionate about the same design, mission, experience or genre. You’re probably looking for someone a little like yourself. Maybe with different skills, but someone you’d love to have a drink in the pub with.

When we went to employ the first team at NOTHS, we sent emails to our customers, letting them know who we were hiring. We found the first 20-30 people this way. Why? Well they were passionate about what we sold. They’d then send it out to all their own friends and family. Social media and social advertising works like this today – finding your tribe. If you’re trying to find someone like minded, where would you love to hear about a role? Creative hiring, is incredibly powerful. Leaflets in school bags or handed out, outside a place which is relevant to your business. Test your DNA, matchmake, surprise and only settle for a wonderful ‘first love’.

I’ve really enjoyed answering your business questions so far; last week we covered sales, funding and the most important currency of all, insta likes. Do ask away by emailing and I hope to shed some light onto your struggles.

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